Turkey is a country that's in Asia and Europe - awesome, I know.
A: You should go to Turkey
B: Wheres that?
A: Uhhh...
by rfgjhiuahga December 26, 2011
A very spoiled dog born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Generally sleeps in the master bed, eats the best food and treats.
Dog: "Oh mothver, I'm sick of it!! Fathver's a dead beat asshole!"

The wife: " I know, Turkey we'll rid of him here soon!"
by Johndoe5 December 27, 2015
One who is not quite a dangus, but nor a dingus. Eaten frequently on Franksgiving. He's quite the floppy fellow, and can't fly high like an eagle.
Dangus 1: That dangle is such a turkey.
Dangus 2: I know, he doesn't even have his own prizza oven.
Dangus 1: What a turkey.
by The guy with no dangus November 24, 2011
101 proof or death in a bottle
Drinking turkey will cause large portions of the night to be blacked out
by Kyle G July 29, 2006
A person who talks back and is snappy with it's answers just like a turkey would be.
Person 1: Omg I don't even finish my sentence and Amie was just there like snapping at me

Person 2: Ikr she's such a turkey
by Chubby bunny 69 February 17, 2015
Someone who says something extremely stupid or blatantly obvious which should get them stomped in the balls.
Man 1: I can't pay Wayne Rooneys wages.

Man 2: shut up, you big turkey.
by Two Toke October 23, 2013
an adjective to describe anything that is cool, or good in some way.
guy1:"My dad did the voice for Jimmy Neutron"
guy2:"That's so turkey!"
by A-town&VOG February 27, 2013

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