To get with, tap, hook up or have sex with a girl.
Are you gunna tub tonight?
by TubMaster December 12, 2010
a ficticious tiny mammal living in the northern regions of britain.
Harnessing a thick black mane, he is able to move undetected in the night when he goes in search of a mate.
Tubs has no preferences when spotting a potential partner and will settle for the first female specimen his eyes detect.
A shy creature, this little mammal surfaces during the rainy season, to go in search of smoke, cheesy puffs and two litre bottles of cola.
The cola has gone missing, most likely you have an infestation with tubs.

You find something sleeping in your bed, with a bag full of cheesy puffs you may want to call in the professionals.

Under no circumstances should you feed after midnight, as it will keep on eating.
by rastakjones February 01, 2011
verb from the infamous tubgirl photos meaning to acrobatically project copious volumes of liquid faeces out of ones ass at such a velocity and trajectory as to land in ones own face with dramatic artistic effect.
Q:"dude do you want to go out with ani and her friends?"

A: "I'd rather tub myself in to a coma"
by rich-w April 05, 2008
Tub, originating from local areas around detroit, is referred to when eating alot of food or when you want to eat at all.
haha im tubbing so much right now

dude lets go tub at coney.
by Macncheesee August 11, 2010
Thumb up the butt. When having sex doggie style the man inserts his thumb while the other 4 fingers are up ward on her butt facing the swell of her back
"Dude i T.U.B.ed that girl last night. She was totally into it!"
by antivenom510 September 20, 2009
Small Container
I Put Your Sandwiches In A Tub
by SexGoddess=p~ July 28, 2009
Elaine: the mum with the extreme fondness of tupperware and who washes out take-away chinese tubs to keep even, though she already has a lifetime supply of tubs.

*EVERYTHING must go in a tub!*
"love you tubs!" instead of "love you mum!"
by Becky Lord April 12, 2008

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