French word "Trop un Boulet".
Means You are boring...
-Omg, i forgot telling them the password on the server...
-TuB -_-
by Maddeleine July 08, 2006
Tub means tall ugly blonde. It's an acronym. There are a lot of these out there. Especially the ones that from the back look cool, and you're like, hey maybe I'll pick up that hottie. Then she turns around and you're just straight outta luck son.
Guy 1: "That blonde over there looks awesome from behind - I'm trying to get a look at her face"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, hope she doesn't turn out to be a tub"

Guy 1: "Damn she turned around and she's totally a TUB!"
by unifer March 13, 2010
Slang for: Bathhouse - Gym/Sauna where gay men go to have easygoing, anonymous sex and hang out in a guilt-free sexual environment.
"Hey guys, I'm horny do you want go down to the tubs?"
by Ninatommy October 31, 2006
Tubs is a slang term i coined for a woman with big boobs
(Didn't actually happen)I'm window shopping at a Wal-mart i come across a brunette haired woman with a well endowed bussom who's wearing a cleavage-bearing shirt, in the magazine section looking at magazines, me:those are some nice tubs you got yourself there m'am, woman:i beg your pardon?!?!, me:"tubs" it's my word for a chick with a big rack...."like you" woman:(slap's me in my face and call's me a perverted asshole"said it while she slapped my face" and in a hastily&miffed manner walks away with her cart)
by Joe Smith 2 December 17, 2007
A beard which has been shaved only on the chin and under the chin.
Rather than shaving his whole beard, he went with a tub.
by saturday night party October 14, 2007
total ultimate butt shelf
Damn, check out the junk in the trunk.

I could rest a tea tray on that TUBS.
by No, I'm the Original Sabs February 07, 2008
To have casual sex with someone.
A way of saying seeing someone, a relationship based around sex.
Yea Rob was tubbing that new bird who used to work in that pub. Then he got bored and tubbed her daughter.
by Ian Bennett April 18, 2007

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