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a form of female masturbation where the female in question gets into a bathtub, moves underneath the running tap water so that the water runs directly over her clit until orgasm.
"my vibrator broke, good thing I went tubbing or today woulda sucked."
by Kimsrants August 10, 2005
The act of drunkenly pooping in a cooler of beer
Dude, Andre just went tubbing, thats gross
by chunkyluver94 October 11, 2011
When a woman or male motorboats a man's balls or a woman's clit. in order to achieve orgasm
idk think of one yourself, "go tub yourself!!!" (tubbing)
by ballsBALLSbAlLs97 April 25, 2012
When a group of people are together at a party looking at a variety of Youtube videos.
Hey, last night we were tubbing and saw this video that was hilarious.
by dibye September 29, 2010
Where a man has sex within the fat folds of a woman
ah man she was so fat i couldn't find her pussy! its ok though i just went tubbing in her knee cap
by Ben10 April 22, 2009