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To engage in the act of over consumption of alcohol.

To become drunk.
"Let's all go out and get trollyed
by pHaTy August 18, 2003
162 42
To be completely and utterly munted or spazzled outta ya mind!

Off one's trolley
Dude, I was totally trolleyed all weekend!
by tailz February 09, 2004
50 30
put someone you dont like in a trolley put them in a wheely bin put it upside down so there trapped then set it on fire
shes going to get trolleyed
by arytgadjj January 16, 2012
1 4
When you quite innocently sit in a shopping trolley discarded in a public place, and some git pushes you down the hill.
by anonymous September 09, 2003
29 51
The state you get into after consuming many illegal drugs (such as ecstasy)
Vim is absolutely trolleyed
by Keir January 04, 2004
9 42