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Noun: A trolley is an object that gets you from A to B.


1. To Trolley:

To trolley is to move from one position to another usually on command. One can also trolley by themselves if they so desire.

2. To Trolley Something

To trolley is for a person to command a resource or object to be given to said person, requiring an immediate response. One can also trolley something to someone else, if they are feeling generous.

3.To Be/Get Trollied(a) To Trolley Someone(b)

a) To be trollied is when one finds themselves in an undesirable situation for seemingly no reason whatsoever. If one is trollied, a feeling of great discomfort ensues causing deep displeasure and possibly harm to an individual.

b) To get trollied by someone or something is when one finds themselves in a worse set of circumstances than they were prior to the trolleying. One can trolley more than one person at a time, resulting in a double/triple etc. trolleying. One would do well to avoid getting trollied.
1. To Trolley:

I trollied to the shops this morning.
We trollied to the party last night.
Let's trolley {somewhere}

I Trolley
You Trolley

She/He Trollies
We all Trolley
They Trolley
Yous All Trolley

2. To Be/Get Trollied:

a) I was trollied last night in the pub.

You were trollied in the game.

He/She was trollied this morning.

We were all trollied from our journey.

They were trollied after the night's festivities.

Yous all were trollied after the match.


I trollied him in the game.

You got trollied by him last night.

He/She trollied Jason with a bat.

We all trollied the other team.

They trollied the deer on the shooting hunt.

Yous all trollied them in the match.
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by TrolleyFans December 13, 2011
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