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2 definitions by -anonymous-

1. consumption of LSD

2. Being in a state of mind characterized by a false sense of complete understanding.
"Damn, I took some geltabs last weekend and I was tripping for 36 hours straight."

"I was totally tripping when I was swearing left and right that my friends were avoiding me. It turns out they were all just really damn busy."
by -anonymous- February 17, 2004
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A comedy wiki that is quick to ban you. Accidentally erase a couple articles and they'll ban you, make a couple of unfunny posts and you're banned. Irritate the admins about your unfair guessed it! You're banned. Basically a community run by people with a loose trigger finger on the ban hammer. Then they vandalize pics of you with penises. (Trust me, experience).
by -Anonymous- August 17, 2012
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