the act of scratching your balls with the shaft of ones penis. used normally after having sex with a dirsty whore to try yto get rid of stds
dude after the whore i had to do the triangle scrub for four hours
by candyman420 February 29, 2012
Top Definition
A way of cleaning your balls and penis. The motion of scrubing the top of your junk, then the left side in the crease of your leg, and the other crease on the right side.
Dane- " Dude i cheated on my girl and when i got home i had to triangle scrub my balls because there was so much glitter."
Cristian- " Your an ass dude, why'd you cheat!?"
booty balls penis washing
by SPHS Student June 27, 2009
The best way to clean your genitalia. Using soap, you scub the area in a triangular fashion. This technique is usually used as a pre sexual routine.
Guy1: Imma triangle scrub till ma balls fall off.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
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