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8 definitions by burnsbras

Finiding out after you picked a girl up at a strip club that she actually has a dick.
Guy 1: I saw you leave with Candy last night.

Guy 2: Yeah I found out the ugly truth when we got back to my apartment.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
The act of attaching a circular weight on your ball sack in hopes of stretching it.
Guy 1: Can you set up my danglin roger?

Guy2: Yes. No homo.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
The best way to clean your genitalia. Using soap, you scub the area in a triangular fashion. This technique is usually used as a pre sexual routine.
Guy1: Imma triangle scrub till ma balls fall off.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
On christmas day you open your gift to find a black dick chillin in a box. See dick in a box for more details.
Girl 1: Did you get anything interesting for christmas?
Girl 2: I had a black christmas.
Girl 1: Ouch!
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
When a girl has an enormous bush and you have to eat your way over the hedge inorder to find the goods.
Guy 1: Whats that in your mouth?
Guy 2: I had to go over the hedge with my gf last night.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
Covering your dick with a white cloth. After which you reveal the surprise and she goes in for a closer look. You then beat her over the head with your junk.
Girl 1: Why is your face bruised?
Girl 2: My bf decided to give me a ghost buster last night.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009
While having sex you whip the bitch across the room and then rape her unconcious body for funzzies.
Guy 1: I hercules that hoe urryday.
by burnsbras August 30, 2009