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When one person engages in anal sex with another, going particularly fast and/or hard, and the pitcher pulls out too fast causing the catcher to erupt great volumes of fecal matter
Dude that bitch scubbed all over me last night
by SpencerGT September 04, 2007
Shortened version of scumbag, used when sitting opposite a girl and the word cunt could be viewed as inappropriate and offensive
xxxx is such a scub
what are you being such a scub
by DmitriPhil April 14, 2011
Scub - the combination of scab and scrub. if one contains both qualities of being a scab and a scrub at any time, they are then classified as a scub.
You see a 19yr old Driving around in a pink mustang with his 14year old girlfirend. He could be classified as a scrub for driving around in a pink mustang, or a scab for being 19 and having a 14 year old girlfriend. But scub is the correct term beacuse it fits the situation entierly.

Ex. Look at that scub, Man i scubbed out on that test. He smells like a scub
by Jerry December 22, 2004
Scub: a place to scavenge for unique or priceless second hand items. To scub:To scavenge, pilfer, or score on a very cheap but worthy second hand or street find. Scubbing: the act of searching for worthy scubabbles.
I scubbed this amazing quilt on Cesar Chavez St. today.
I should be paying my taxes, but instead I'm going scubbing.
by luckygirlrhi April 14, 2010
scub stands for Slight Chuckle Under Breath, I created thid because I never actually Laugh Out Loud ou Laugh My Ass Off, but I do slightly chuckle under my breath, and so does everyone else.
I just saw a pink Nissan Skyline, scub

Scub you're hair is dirty as crap
by J Fraills November 16, 2010

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