Toilet cubicle in Rolls-Royce. So called because they used to have trapdoors in the door at head height for foremen (supervisors) to open and check who was inside.
Don't use the third trap along, someone has spattered all up the walls.
by fubarderby April 07, 2011
(n.) a person who on all outside appearances seems like a respectable person to associate one's self with; but on the inside is secretly a powerful and influential detriment to one's social status. This type of person is very hard to break free from once chilling has begun; and everyone should be warned of their extreme lack of discretion in their public actions.
"You have a choice between chilling with either Dante or Trap, and you can't back out. Who do you choose?" - ?
"Dude between Dante and Trap, I think I'd rather chill with Trap. I mean he isn't so bad, because I can shut him up when he thinks he knows what he's talking about with music; but he does bounce around a lot, and he shakes his legs like crazy! Yea.. actually I think I'd rather chill with Dante." - MC Riot

When you meet a person who knows everyone, and is not afraid to let them know that he knows you!
by Hermaphamazen July 05, 2010
A girl with a penis. DAMN!
Guy 1: Damn...that girl is fine as hell.
Guy 2: Chill bro, I heard shes a trap.
Guy 1: Don't matter, I LOVE dick.
by #REALTALK June 07, 2013
a predominately black community with a poor social structure, characterized by a lack of social mobility and propensity among members to enter the illegal drug business
It's hard fo' a nigga to get out of the trap
by G-stoneee August 17, 2011
When an unfortunate girl/guy corners you at a bar and you can't escape without punching them in the face.
Ah man, that broad plays a better trap then the New Jersey Devils.
by wonnnell December 21, 2010
a picture or actual person inciting you to become sexually interested in a woman when further down the line its revealed that it was a man.
in bourbon st. new orleans you will see women with titties exposed, dressed like hookers, but they are a trap. their dicks bigger than yours!
by viciousk July 30, 2009
A guy that can be mistaked for a chick.
You don't really find out their sex unless they tell you, OR you find out yourself.
Jeffree Star and Johnny Boy are traps.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 17, 2010

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