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a crazy and wild time when young individuals between the age of 16-21 get together and party. During this intense period the group indulges in the use of multiple types of illegal drugs and will do anything crazy because it is what they know best.
"Yo man last night was so trap!"
"Oh I know man that guy was so fucked up!"
"What did he all do?"
"He did so many drugs and acted wild!"
by Groxin4 January 09, 2013
2 6
slutty girls who have sex with a lot of guys
yo bro what girl you hitting up
i dont know man she looks pretty sexy
i wouldnt fuck with that bro shes a trap
by kasper sags May 16, 2011
4 8
Toilet cubicle in Rolls-Royce. So called because they used to have trapdoors in the door at head height for foremen (supervisors) to open and check who was inside.
Don't use the third trap along, someone has spattered all up the walls.
by james April 07, 2011
2 6
Trap Moola all day!
by Trap Moola November 11, 2009
10 17
It's the term used for a skank who you have a drunken one night stand with who decides its a brilliant foundation to start a family, and hence tried to trap you.

If ever you need more clarification, listen to Ed - Ucation, from the Chronic 2001, by Dr Dre.
Amy: I'm pregnant and I'm keeping the baby.
Jamie: What you're a trap.
Amy: I want CSA payments, cos its definitely yours.
Jamie: fuck off and die! Trap!
by PooperTanob July 18, 2009
11 18
a picture or actual person inciting you to become sexually interested in a woman when further down the line its revealed that it was a man.
in bourbon st. new orleans you will see women with titties exposed, dressed like hookers, but they are a trap. their dicks bigger than yours!
by viciousk July 30, 2009
33 41
1. A male of whom appears or dresses in a feminine way in order to lead people to believe he is female.
(Usually, traps fool unsuspecting teens into fucking them. However when the pants come off, the unsuspecting teens freak out)
John: Dude that girl is so fucking fine!
Al: FUCK, I think she's a trap, dude.
John: Shit I was gonna fuck it, too.
by AustinAech July 18, 2006
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