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This is when two or more guys dance on a girl, as she dances, while surrounding her and blocking all paths of escape. Normally done in a club or party to avoid being rejected. This is typically performed just to fuck with her and make her feel like her shit really does stink.
"Yo that girl ova there fine as hell but YOU KNOW she stuck up, lets trap her"

The girl, "What the fuck?!?!" as she attempts to escape and reject you all but cant.

Disclaimer: If your black do not attempt this move on a white chick as it may lead to incarceration.
by taino3444 April 14, 2010
to trap means to sell drugs the trap would be place to sell drugs
trap, traphouse, trapspot trap{to sell drugs}
by band aid October 28, 2009
IE Chick with a dick.

Guy 1:Man I wanna fuck Ashlea/Ashie.
Me:Fuck no you don't. That shits a trap.
by Lucius Beleren January 01, 2009
Trap Moola all day!
by Trap Moola November 11, 2009
It's the term used for a skank who you have a drunken one night stand with who decides its a brilliant foundation to start a family, and hence tried to trap you.

If ever you need more clarification, listen to Ed - Ucation, from the Chronic 2001, by Dr Dre.
Amy: I'm pregnant and I'm keeping the baby.
Jamie: What you're a trap.
Amy: I want CSA payments, cos its definitely yours.
Jamie: fuck off and die! Trap!
by PooperTanob July 18, 2009
a picture or actual person inciting you to become sexually interested in a woman when further down the line its revealed that it was a man.
in bourbon st. new orleans you will see women with titties exposed, dressed like hookers, but they are a trap. their dicks bigger than yours!
by viciousk July 30, 2009
A place where drug deals take place. More specifically, a stop sign or intersection where a dealer forces people to buy off of them at gunpoint.
Meet me at the trap, it's goin' down...
by grelb2 January 22, 2009