A guy that can be mistaked for a chick.
You don't really find out their sex unless they tell you, OR you find out yourself.
Jeffree Star and Johnny Boy are traps.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 17, 2010
a crazy and wild time when young individuals between the age of 16-21 get together and party. During this intense period the group indulges in the use of multiple types of illegal drugs and will do anything crazy because it is what they know best.
"Yo man last night was so trap!"
"Oh I know man that guy was so fucked up!"
"What did he all do?"
"He did so many drugs and acted wild!"
by Groxin4 January 09, 2013
When an unfortunate girl/guy corners you at a bar and you can't escape without punching them in the face.
Ah man, that broad plays a better trap then the New Jersey Devils.
by wonnnell December 21, 2010
It's the term used for a skank who you have a drunken one night stand with who decides its a brilliant foundation to start a family, and hence tried to trap you.

If ever you need more clarification, listen to Ed - Ucation, from the Chronic 2001, by Dr Dre.
Amy: I'm pregnant and I'm keeping the baby.
Jamie: What you're a trap.
Amy: I want CSA payments, cos its definitely yours.
Jamie: fuck off and die! Trap!
by PooperTanob July 18, 2009
When you got to fart and right before you do you trick someone to come over to you. Right before they get to you you bust ass. You trap them in your stank.
My friend told me he wanted to show me a picture and when i got over there i fell into his funk trap.
by Pat Egan February 24, 2008
a man who likes to dress up in women's clothing and make-up. He even thinks he's a woman at times, also acts like one and has an odd phobia of not wanting to showing his naked body. Out of shame? We can only guess, but he definetely has something 'extra' to hide you know where.
Sal, the pre-op tranny decided he would start taking hormones to become a woman. Unfortuntely, it didn't work as well as he planned so he just decided to act like one.

Watch out, it's a trap! ha
by Mike Pw August 25, 2007
A young boy who, due to insecurity, dresses up and pretends to be a girl. Usually are femenine in their appearence and over shy.

The anime definition is a boy dressed as a girl to encourage viewers to question their own sexuality when they find out they've been fapping to...yes...a boy
Mark-hey joe do you think that girl is sexy?
Mark-its a trap

(index is a trap)
by Kloke March 13, 2009
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