Referring to either a Transsexual woman (ie: chick with a dick), or a cross dresser that looks passable as a woman.
this here is Trap country, those are guys.
by Fujio June 13, 2010
The place where illegal drugs are sold. The term comes from how difficult it is to escape that lifestyle.
"Life in the trap is no joke. It's a hustle and violence is part of the game."
by freeog December 20, 2015
a) A safehouse.
b) A place where a stash of drugs or money is kept (usually a girl's house) in order to avoid having it stolen or busted.
c) A place that can be easily accessed at any time and few know about.
d) Sometimes a place to do deals but not frequently to avoid making it "hot".
e) Not to be confused with a crib because a real trapstar doesn't want his house to have much "stuff" in it because it will become a target for theives, haters, police. (In fact, a trapper doesn't really even want people to know where his crib or his trap(s) are.)
"I gotta stop by the trap real quick to weigh out this "cuttie" for dude."

"You need two O's? Okay I got them at the trap, I'll be right back."
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
A Genre Of "Music" (Not Real Music) Where one artist disses another.
P1 - What The Fuck Is This Shit?

P2- Ahhh Cuz its Trap man. Its the bees knees mate.
P1- Turn the shit off sounds like a dying cat you knob Jockey listen to decent music
by The Mad Man Slayer June 15, 2016
Acronym for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. A State law designed to circumvent a Federal law in favor of someone's narrow political agenda. In this particular case, laws that would likely force all of a state's abortion clinics to close down by forcing them to comply with conditions that are impossible to fullfill, such as requiring all physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital when all local hospitals are unwilling to grant them based on the fact that they are abortion providers. This kind of politics is a danger sign that the extremists have taken over both major parties. Wake up America, these nutjobs want to steal your freedom!
North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama just got TRAP laws.
by Former Wyeth Again April 16, 2013
A genre of urban music that has wicked grimey beats and wonderful bass.
"damn, I just love this trap music" " Give me that I can drop dat ass to the floor!"
by leatherboigrl May 07, 2015
Australian slang from the gold rush era. Originally referred to police officers who would go around the gold fields to inspect gold mining licences who would use any excuse (such as your licence was not on your person) to arrest (or "trap") you. Later used for the police in general.
"Look out! Here come the traps!"
by RTM 1963 December 04, 2014
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