Acronym for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. A State law designed to circumvent a Federal law in favor of someone's narrow political agenda. In this particular case, laws that would likely force all of a state's abortion clinics to close down by forcing them to comply with conditions that are impossible to fullfill, such as requiring all physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital when all local hospitals are unwilling to grant them based on the fact that they are abortion providers. This kind of politics is a danger sign that the extremists have taken over both major parties. Wake up America, these nutjobs want to steal your freedom!
North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama just got TRAP laws.
by Former Wyeth Again April 16, 2013
One's regular haunts. The places one frequents or is associated with.

Old fashioned Australian slang, usually phrased as around the traps.
"News from around the traps is that Sally is bonking Frank"

"Haven't seen you around these here traps for a while!"
by Heath Raftery May 07, 2008
a) A safehouse.
b) A place where a stash of drugs or money is kept (usually a girl's house) in order to avoid having it stolen or busted.
c) A place that can be easily accessed at any time and few know about.
d) Sometimes a place to do deals but not frequently to avoid making it "hot".
e) Not to be confused with a crib because a real trapstar doesn't want his house to have much "stuff" in it because it will become a target for theives, haters, police. (In fact, a trapper doesn't really even want people to know where his crib or his trap(s) are.)
"I gotta stop by the trap real quick to weigh out this "cuttie" for dude."

"You need two O's? Okay I got them at the trap, I'll be right back."
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
A temptation or anything bad (drugs, porno) that you are hooked on and is extremely hard to break free from
Don't smoke crack, it's a trap to keep us poor people down.
by Souljah2_1_3 August 26, 2012
(n.) a person who on all outside appearances seems like a respectable person to associate one's self with; but on the inside is secretly a powerful and influential detriment to one's social status. This type of person is very hard to break free from once chilling has begun; and everyone should be warned of their extreme lack of discretion in their public actions.
"You have a choice between chilling with either Dante or Trap, and you can't back out. Who do you choose?" - ?
"Dude between Dante and Trap, I think I'd rather chill with Trap. I mean he isn't so bad, because I can shut him up when he thinks he knows what he's talking about with music; but he does bounce around a lot, and he shakes his legs like crazy! Yea.. actually I think I'd rather chill with Dante." - MC Riot

When you meet a person who knows everyone, and is not afraid to let them know that he knows you!
by Hermaphamazen July 05, 2010
Referring to either a Transsexual woman (ie: chick with a dick), or a cross dresser that looks passable as a woman.
this here is Trap country, those are guys.
by Fujio June 13, 2010
to trap means to sell drugs the trap would be place to sell drugs
trap, traphouse, trapspot trap{to sell drugs}
by band aid October 28, 2009

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