a girl under the age of 18, under the legal age.
G: Heeey girl wassup!
G2: Dude that girls a trap!
G: How can you tell?
G2: She has a pacifier!
by MrFeeney July 23, 2009
A temptation or anything bad (drugs, porno) that you are hooked on and is extremely hard to break free from
Don't smoke crack, it's a trap to keep us poor people down.
by Souljah2_1_3 August 26, 2012
a transvestite
mark: dude that chicks hella hot, imma talk to her
paul: look at that bulge! that chicks a trap
mark: nah man imma get it in
paul: you!
by p.nasty January 12, 2012
noun. The sag in a males ball sack
Origin: From the lexeme 'trap'. It began it's popularity when a male would zip up the fly of his pants and the excess skin of the scrotum would get caught in the zipper, thus, the skin would be trapped.
Participant 1: dude, think I may need stitches...
Participant 2: what happened?
Participant 1: Fucking traps man... I was in a hurry this morning and cut a hole in my ball sack
by Bigboy422 July 01, 2014
A girl with a penis. DAMN!
Guy 1: Damn...that girl is fine as hell.
Guy 2: Chill bro, I heard shes a trap.
Guy 1: Don't matter, I LOVE dick.
by #REALTALK June 07, 2013
a secret compartment in a car to hide weapons or drugs.
I got traps in my ride... t.I. ready for watever
by nigga from the sticks March 27, 2012
Toilet cubicle in Rolls-Royce. So called because they used to have trapdoors in the door at head height for foremen (supervisors) to open and check who was inside.
Don't use the third trap along, someone has spattered all up the walls.
by fubarderby April 07, 2011

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