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1. A male of whom appears or dresses in a feminine way in order to lead people to believe he is female.
(Usually, traps fool unsuspecting teens into fucking them. However when the pants come off, the unsuspecting teens freak out)
John: Dude that girl is so fucking fine!
Al: FUCK, I think she's a trap, dude.
John: Shit I was gonna fuck it, too.
by AustinAech July 18, 2006
554 568
A handgun or pistol
If I had the trap I would have pulled it out on him.
by ThatOneMexicanGuy October 26, 2009
2 17
Used to define a person that is transgendered or extremely feminine that "traps" males and then turns them gay
"Flashbak910 successfully trapped so many drunken men, he can be called the ultimate Trap Queen"
by Anon Army September 04, 2008
14 30
When you think the person is a guy but hes really a girl with a vagina........some kind of mixx up downstairs. You just got TRAPPPPED!
Hey paul, Well look at this, tuere's a vagina where the penis should be......fap fap fap Vitale's a TRAP!!!
by Mikey R.. May 16, 2008
20 43
1. A situation in which you were intending one action, yes opposing forces to such action were ready to respond without your knowledge.
2. Slang, one's mouth, particularly referring to one that won't close.
3. Seldom used slang, refering towards female genetalia.
4. Slang, generated from 4chan and ytmnd, the term is used to desribe an individual whose appearance is that of a very attractive female, yet in reality, it is a male. Synonymous with transvestite, tranny, toss-up, crossdresser, and others. The term has also been applied towards attractive girls who are much younger than one may initially think. Synonymous with jailbait. The term was also propogated with the use of images of Admiral Ackbar, a charater from Star Wars, whose biggest line was exlaiming, "It's a trap!" in effort to warn the X-wing fliers of a sudden turn of events.
1. As we approached for the attack, we noticed it was quiet, perhaps a bit too quiet. Low and behold, the enemy sprung from the foilage. It was a trap.
2. Shut your trap!
3. Did you stick it in her trap?
4. Bridget, from the Guilty Gear XX, is a total hottie, but the game's bio section says it's a trap.
by schall December 28, 2005
147 172
Slang term for a male individual, usually straight, who is more than passable as an attractive female. The term can also be applied to an attractive transvestite.
This is a fucking trap. Dude, that's a dude, dude.
by Ashley Naomi August 09, 2007
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Southern Slang

It's a location where the people are poor and they are trapped there because of lack of jobs, or "the white man" (corporate america) is holding them down

Glorified by drug dealers, a place where they can set up shop.

Also could mean a spot to sell drugs and there is only one way in or out.
"I grew up in the trap"

"Dope boys in the trap"

"Stuck in the trap with only one way out"
by MzDia November 06, 2006
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