This is when two or more guys dance on a girl, as she dances, while surrounding her and blocking all paths of escape. Normally done in a club or party to avoid being rejected. This is typically performed just to fuck with her and make her feel like her shit really does stink.
"Yo that girl ova there fine as hell but YOU KNOW she stuck up, lets trap her"

The girl, "What the fuck?!?!" as she attempts to escape and reject you all but cant.

Disclaimer: If your black do not attempt this move on a white chick as it may lead to incarceration.
by taino3444 April 14, 2010
IE Chick with a dick.

Guy 1:Man I wanna fuck Ashlea/Ashie.
Me:Fuck no you don't. That shits a trap.
by Lucius Beleren January 01, 2009
the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
Billy trapped Suzy.

Scott waits outside the club, ready to trap.

Trap me once, shame on you. Trap me twice, shame on me.
by Greggy10000 July 20, 2010
Trap Moola all day!
by Trap Moola November 11, 2009
slutty girls who have sex with a lot of guys
yo bro what girl you hitting up
i dont know man she looks pretty sexy
i wouldnt fuck with that bro shes a trap
by kasper sags May 16, 2011
A handgun or pistol
If I had the trap I would have pulled it out on him.
by ThatOneMexicanGuy October 26, 2009
A place where drug deals take place. More specifically, a stop sign or intersection where a dealer forces people to buy off of them at gunpoint.
Meet me at the trap, it's goin' down...
by grelb2 January 22, 2009
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