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to set up on the corner and sell dope.
man im bout to go to the trap and make some cheese.
by monolog May 06, 2003
1240 197
Clothing, accessories, or gear that create in combination the appearance of some quality, or of belonging to a group.
That girl is wicked hot with all the trappings.

As soon as I get an ebay account I intend to shed the trappings of my misspent youth and get some smooth, money trappings to go with my new posh thing.
by forestcreature June 13, 2007
19 20
Paraphernalia associated with customs, rituals, and holidays.
Fertility symbols such as eggs, rabbits, and maidens dressed in white are appropriate trappings for Easter if you bear in mind that Easter is a pagan godess of fertility.
by Downstrike May 24, 2004
28 29
The act of spamming with links to video, audio, or event notices for trap music.
Stop trapping my facebook timeline with Baauer and Flosstradamus!
by approximate September 11, 2012
79 115
The practice of catching faeces with one's hands, or "trapping them".
They may be shared with friends, mormon or otherwise, and taken to the airing cupboard for safe keeping.

They (faeces)can be eaten, but caution is advised.
I was trapping the other day with robin and i caught a huge one. Lot of fiber, those bran flakes are really helping me with my density.
by tommy trapp May 23, 2009
122 343
Trapping, in the south florida area, refers to describing a female or male based using 1/4 mile speed traps of a car that tell us how hot or ugly they are. Perfect for using amongst other girls or people that will have no clue what your talking about.
1.Bro there was a girl at the gym trapping 130's on pump gas with bald tires, no lsd, slipping clutch and pulling horrible 60ft times! Ass alone was a 135! (means hot without trying)
2. Jose-"Oliver, that girls eyeing you!"
Oliver" thats gross, she looks like a B16 with 180,000 miles trapping 101." (means gross)
3."that girl is a kia sephia running on 3 cylinders"
4. "theres one girl coming out tonight thats trapping higher than a big turbo supra"
by Oliver K April 05, 2010
70 304
a close-range technique used to counter an opponents defensive moves. Rooted in chinese kung fu and the phillipine martial art kali.
i suck at trapping....loooool
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
166 507