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When you are hooking up with someone and you take the position of the dominant person in the scenario. Similar to how a farmer would ride a tractor for an extended amount of time til he/she is satisfied.
I look forward to Tractoring that tall lanky curly haired man next cheeseout
I'm gonna tractor that bajito
by bajito September 22, 2010
The act of driving a tractor or performing a tractor like operation.
I almost rolled my 7930 tractoring on a steep hill.
by Uncle Johnny10 November 04, 2010
When you smoke out of a bong backwards.

I.E. Putting tin foil with small holes on top and smoking from the bowl.
Eric was tractoring last night and got so messed up he wandered around the forest for hours.
by PuedesDucharlo November 20, 2010
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