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A tasty piece of loven that comes in small quantities. Such as; a short woman who is attractive, or a shotglass of vodka.
'I saw that bajito on the dancefloor and knew i was going to mess her up...'
'You can't blame me, I'm just a bajito!'
'My name is Sarah and I like to dominate bajitos'
by Bajitolator September 21, 2010
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A small Mexican man
"Woah Tyler C is such a Bajito!"
"Yea i know he could totally fit in Cody's hood!"
by achickette March 10, 2009
A small burrito.
Wow, I want a burrito!
Really? I'm not that hungry, I think I'll have a bajito.
by Cbrainzz December 13, 2010

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