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The Dave Chappelle is a drinking game that involves having the following:

2 shots of Jäger
Tequila (min. 1 shot)
4 bong hits man
Beer (min. 1)

It is to be done in this order and under 15 minutes.
Remember Frank's last weekend? EZ was fucking smashed man! He did The Dave Chappelle and felt "fucking great!"
by Puedesducharlo October 09, 2011
Boning a chick after putting flautas in the oven and setting the timer for 13 minutes. You finish just in time to enjoy your flautas.
It was Mexican food night and I was so hungry and so horny I gave my girl a 13 minute flauta, finished off by giving her a C.J. Browning and enjoyed my flautas.
by PuedesDucharlo April 08, 2010
When you smoke out of a bong backwards.

I.E. Putting tin foil with small holes on top and smoking from the bowl.
Eric was tractoring last night and got so messed up he wandered around the forest for hours.
by PuedesDucharlo November 20, 2010
A guy who:

Jacks your shit
Jacks your girls
Jacks off
That nigga is such a tri-jacker he'll even jack a baby. He don't curr. Some should give him a C.J. Browning.
by PuedesDucharlo June 09, 2010
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