word for female genitals.
aka. twat lol.
"i want to bum your tractor."
"your tractor is phitt."
"can i fondle your tractor?"
by fat crew. October 12, 2007
(TRAK-tor) Used with trash to create tractor trash. Describes white trash from predominantly farming communities.
1. Billy Bob and Bobby sue are such tractor trash.

2. Billy Bob and Bobby Sue are so tractor.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
One who has ways from the rural Southern U.S., particularly Texas and most particularly, the town of Thorton, TX.
Keith Brown is not a tractor, he is just a incestous bastard child of his uncle and mother.
by Jack F. Swanson September 02, 2003
A silly white kid who is called white lightning
That's why we call Ben tractor
by Bill O'reilly April 08, 2005
Euphemism for sperm.
I made a tractor...
by Laser November 13, 2002

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