1) An eighth (1/8th) of an ounce of weed, simply referred to as 1/8th, an ounce containing 28 grams.

2) A sport involving a gerbil/rodent like action involving running a "track", hence it's name.

3) Marks from injecting drugs on someone's arm.

4) In "Maplestory", the person you're tracking in a Party Quest, using the "/find" option.
1) Hey man want to help me finish this track?

2) Sorry can't dude, I have track after school and they're testing next week

3) Cover up those tracks, pigs may start askin'

4) The track is "Silverest"
by ihumpmarinesforbreakfast July 01, 2005
A line of Cocaine!!!!!!!!!!
Bust out a couple a tracks plz
by apb420 October 29, 2006
take rapid action cavan killers searching
The IRA is divided into cells. There are so many cells per county. Cavan, being on the Irish border, means that members of the IRA in that county can travel to Enniskillen for a night's drinking. One night, a member of the Fermanagh cell saw the men from Cavan and gave them a one word message " tracks ". This grim message meant that the British army and police were stopping all traffic and searching houses in the immediate locality.
by Stias September 08, 2005
The suckiest thing EVER, and yet people still do it for some odd reason. It will cause you to loose precious body parts, including fingers {{from bad handoffs}}. Tip: DO NOT attempt a hurdle unless completely qualified {{aka, you have long legs}} because you can kill yourself if you try it and your legs are short trust me, I know.
I hate/love track and I don't understand why.

by LeahKristineB. April 28, 2008
sport with the most egotistical pricks on the face of the earth. they'll talk to you, and you'll think you're their friend, but you're in for a rude awakening once track starts.
I'm not bashing the track the sport, just the people in it.
by Adrian March 12, 2006
A sport were kids (like myself) who are no good at any sport that requires reflexes and gereral motor skills, run (or fall down and catch themselves) relatively fast in one big circle. Which makes the sport completely pointless and it is only acknoledged every four years when a bunch of black men (like myself) kill the hopes and dreams of every other race in this world. That's if they wanted to be track stars.
Track is owned by black people, and if hockey was a heated sport we would take that too.
by tipo March 21, 2005
Track is hard to define because it is not a sport. It is essentially a sausage fest of guys runnin around in short shorts complimenting each others bodys. Certain track teams form track "cults" These cults are just fronts for the massive gay gang bangs they have year round.
Oh Mah Gawd....Track is soooo ghey.

Damn soccer is so gay, but not as gay as track or wrestling.
by JJSupah November 15, 2004
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