Commonly used as a nickname for one named Daniel Timothy Allen. He used to be extremely overweight, some may have called him obese. We like to make fun of him by calling him Tater tots, tater tits, tater nuts, or just plain ol' tots. If you ever encounter such a man, you now have the authority and pleasure of calling him TOTS!
"TOTS, stop eating!"

-tots are usually tall, ginger/ very blonde, blue-ish/green eyes, pigeoned toed and tends to waddle, like a duck.
by maggie, teri, michelle November 07, 2008
Theology on Tap - Catholic Faith talks and brew nights at bars across the nation
There's a T o T tonight at Bad Abbot's in Quincy and the Archbishop is talking.
by Tom Ostrow November 27, 2007
A word that has no feelings. It also has no life.
by Poooopieee August 11, 2010
Short for "totally" (pronounced like 'tote') used mostly among dorks like myself.
Only used appropriately as a one-word statement.
Guy 1: "Haha, wow, this picture is wicked sweet."
Guy 2: "Tot."

Guy 1: "Haha, wow, this picture is wicked sweet."
Guy 2: "Yeah, it tot is."
by Mell Bell July 10, 2008
Another word for tight or cool
Nick - Dude I just gave Dirk 20 dollars to pee his pants!

Dylan - Hella tot dude!

Nick - Yeah hella tot!
by Mike Whock March 06, 2008
Adj. german word for "dead".
That guy is dead.
Der Typ ist tot.
by Teckon October 03, 2007
TOT has two definitions but it's exactly used for the same thing.

1. TOT is an Emoticon of a guy Cryin' (The Ts are Tearful Eyes and the O is the Mouth)

2. TOT are the initials of "tons of tears"
That new Angra cd is Awesome TOT!!!!

I'm A Nordic Viking From The Nordic Realms Of Northenia tot
by Norther February 26, 2005

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