A small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking, enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper.

AKA: Cigarette

"Ayy dude, let's run by the store and pick up some tots before we go, I'm fiending bad right now

by YTdatsmee March 08, 2009
A gay person
Your a fucking tot
by ChavNN2 October 19, 2008
Turd On Tip. This occurs when a guy is having anal sex with a female. And, when he pulls his penis out, there is boo boo on the tip of his penis
Damn girl, you gave me the TOT. Next time, douche your ass before having anal sex.
by Bill Bush May 25, 2007
A girl, young or old makes no difference, that dresses in neon clothes randomly sized and sporatic at raves. Usually tutus and tall striped socks go along with these girls...sometimes seen on leashes being pulled around by fellow ravers. Can be seen rolling balls on the dance floor having a blast.
Did you see that tot last night? she killed with her hyphy green tutu, yellow top socks and kandi to her throat.
by pyxis March 13, 2009
Trick Or Treating hence TOT
Robert, you missed out! I got so much candy from toting today!
by lucydearr<3 October 31, 2007
Acronym for Tuned Out Teens - These teens and 20 somthings with earbuds stuck in their ears oblivious to thier surroundings.
Next time somebody brushes you or walks straight into you look for the buds.. smjile to yourself and thingk TOTs (Tuned Out Teens)
by MACK41 March 01, 2009
a nickname for a breast, a boob, a titty, also can be used plurarly as "tots".
"Whoa! I just want to squeeze her tots"
"Man...she's a tot monster"
by Reni November 25, 2005

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