A nickname for a crazy sexy dude. He's amazing and is the sexyest dude you'll ever fucking meet.
Omg, Look at tots he's amazing.
by rawrr bitch December 16, 2008
why to say teapot if you can say tot. Shorter? Yes, of course!
This beautiful tot is made in Japan
Like Truth or Dare but for online games.
Because you cant really dare people on the internet it becomes replaced by another Truth.
9:52:20 <sin_q> how about we play a game of ToT? ;)
9:53:12 <Matt> ;)
9:53:20 <_Mad> works for me :D
by _Mad-Lover July 12, 2004
abbreviation for "totally"
"Are you going to dude's party?"
by mizzity May 20, 2003
A black metal/noise band from Redcliffe. Hates a lot of things, but in particular things like fire breathing and the Canberra black metal scene. If you don't like TOT it means you are either from Canberra, think fire breathing is cool, or
wear patch jackets when you take out the rubbish
Hey don't tell the cunts from TOT you like firebreathing, they'll fucken kill you.
by J.I April 19, 2005
Anyone you dont like and is very homosexually gay....other names could consist of faggot..homo..jewbag (see jewbag)..doochbag..gay boy..or just plain homosexual gay fag dooch-jew bag faggot!!!!
I mean seriously if u ever heard anyone call u a tot what do you think it means.
Your such a tot!
Why do u always got to be suck a TOT?
Can you please stop being suck a tot for one minute?
Your acting very totish today.
by C-Mitch September 02, 2005
Small lumps that accumulate in the vas deference (tube from your nuts to your dick) directly above the testicel after sex
my tots are sore
by Dave August 02, 2003

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