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A vagina that is Wider than it is Deep. The female form of Chode/Pud (depending on which word you use for a penis that is wider than it is long - like a can of tuna)
It gets difficult going balls deep on Jessica's tostada sometimes.
#female chode #female pud #toastada #vag #pussy #pink tostada
by Dominic Ciccodicola January 18, 2007
The best item to order at Taco Bell. Its pretty cheap and is meatless!!! just beans, lettuce, cheese and taco sauce on a flat, corn, hard tortilla. oh yeah!!!
that tostada is really tasty!!!!
#taco bell #taco #mexican #food #beans
by annieWaits January 27, 2009
The skinny nasty ass hispanic ugly female that is in the group of girls at a club.
Hey she's got glasses, bad acne, and weighs 50 pounds, but I'll still do her.
Nah man, she's a total tostada.
#tostada #mexican #girl #nasty #ass
by icoflib June 28, 2010
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