The most amazing guy in the world! The best boyfriend ever sweet and kind and pretty good.... i wouldent ever want to loose tony i love him!
love maddie
hey that guys hot
back off hes my tony
by tonysamzingf July 06, 2009
The coolest name evarr.
Tony, Tony, and tony has done it again.
by his one n only September 25, 2010
An amazing, thoughtful, kind guy who cares about you and knows how to cheer you up when you're down... Funny, gorgeous and the most amazing, awesome person to walk the earth.
See that hot guy, thats a Tony
by the mystery one December 25, 2011
slang for the popular stimulant drug cocaine
hey want to hit up some tony's tonight
by snayhead December 14, 2006
All Tony's get tits, breasts, boobs, ect. For some reason very attractive women are just drawn to him and practically throw themselves on him. No one knows how or why Tony's do, they just to. Its an unexplainable phenomenon
- Look at Tony over there!
-Wow, he gets so many tits!
- Yeaaaaahhhhhhhh Tony!
by thecreeplivingnextdoor May 22, 2011
1.)A person who is a player and tries alot and only a lil more than half succeeds. If you meet one do him on the spot or even just ask for his number especially if his last name starts with M.

2.)also can be used to describe a hot italian
1.)Hey Tony do you have any rubber cause I need to do you.

2.)Hey Lucy do you think that Italian is a Tony?
by Fred Liancao April 20, 2008
Sweet caring man who has a rockin body and will make love to you until the sun goes down and rises again. He will buy you anything he can in his power and would give you the world if he could. He enjoys video games and picking on his girlfriend. He will love with everything he has and is always faithful and ready to love you.
Tony is loving- in love give you all
by LucylouF December 16, 2012

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