The man known for being incredibly handsome easily the most handsome man of the world, has enimes not because he's a bad guy but because he's so awesome haters can't help to hate.his penis is more than a myth its more than a legend it is rumored it was once used as a sword to defeat chuck norris,but many may say this is fact women want him animals love obey and fear him this is the cure of tony
bob:you hear about that tony guy
chris: yeah he's a beast
by the,man,the myth,the legend December 10, 2010
award for theatrical achievement
Announcer:"And the Tony goes to : Phantom of the Opera!"
by zxzxander November 05, 2006
a huge ass boner
"man when i saw kerry i had a big fat tony!"
by ladysemen March 25, 2009
A really great guy, someone who exceeds preconceived notions about the way guys should be. Somehow always knows the right things to say and doesn't hesitate to say them.
Oh, god... Can't I meet a Tony just once??
by sole queen July 06, 2010
An extremely handsome, caring guy. Amazing boyfriend material, loving and sweet. "Tonies" have great listening skills, and will lay around with you for hours. Will write sweet notes, and never forget an anniversary or birthday. Capable of making even the worst days better, and cute enough to kiss, a Tony is the best kind of guy.
As a friend, they are the most fun to be around. They know all the funniest YouTube videos, and are the best at every video game. Can talk about anything with them for hours, and never get bored. Very loyal, and always willing to help out.
A Tony is a very independent, strong-willed guy with a good head on his shoulders and a smile on his chiseled jawline. He's optimistic and cheerful, and has a beautiful smile.
Any girl would be LUCKY to get a Tony.
"Hey Michelle, I heard that you got a new guy. He seems really cool, what's his name?"
-"Oh, that's Tony. He's amazing, I know."
by I.Wont.Give.Up.On.Us. November 14, 2012
Tony is probably the best friend you'll ever have. Sometimes he can be mean, but you know he's just kidding. He loves music. Tony is also very talented at the multiple instruments that he can play. Tony can keep a secret as long as you ask him to. Tony is VERY care-free and doesn't stress. Tony is a wiley little dego. Tony is very humble and will always tell you straight up. He loves the Yankees. Tony will always be there, because that'd the kind of person he is.
My best friend is Tony, and I am so happpy!
by Sa Da Funk October 03, 2010
The most amazing guy in the world! The best boyfriend ever sweet and kind and pretty good.... i wouldent ever want to loose tony i love him!
love maddie
hey that guys hot
back off hes my tony
by tonysamzingf July 06, 2009

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