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informal; brit. Mother
oh no butter scones for me mater, im off to fly the grand piano

by jeny September 02, 2007
Mater Pronounced: maiter. Redneck for Tomato.
I like fried, green maters on ma hog jowl samich ( I like to fried, green tomato on my hog jow sandwich).

by DB Gibb March 09, 2006
the name for a significant other who is a dedicated partner, but where no marriage has taken place. indicative of a much stronger relationship than simply "boyfriend" or "girlfriend."
i'd like to introduce my mater, sheri.
by dankhaddock January 18, 2010
Worth alot of time in your life. Very funny and sarcastic, modest, nice, selfless, good looking, chilled and most of all very deep. Mater thinks things through too much but to his advantage he see's things in different ways to others. Maters will only complement if they mean it and make the most of what they have. Has an oppinion of almost everything yet isn't overly judgemental. Only makes an effort with who he thinks is worth his time. Generous, relaxed, intellegant, wise, protective (in a good way). Makes people happy. Could lay there and not say anything all day and leave feeling like it was the best conversation ever.
Now I told you what you are.
but theres alot more to find out about mater
by ecm1993 September 21, 2010
A southern Slang for a person's Head. Only used as reference to the Brain Container, not for the Terminal point of the Penis Shaft.
"And so then, I drilled him right in the back of his mater."

"Jesus, dude, Move your massive fucking mater out of the way!"
by Malachi Tate July 10, 2008
NC slang for crack-cocaine.
He definately smokes that mater.

That bitch is all matered up.
by lolomgwtfbbqroflcopter May 20, 2010
A man that squats to pee.
I heard that swedes have clean toilets cause they're maters and they don't get pee on the lid.
by Hotlixx May 03, 2009

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