gun(s)- because if you don't walk aoun at night with a gun in most cities, you're toast
"We don't go nowhere without toast, we thugged out" - 50 Cent's "Wanksta"

by Daveeeeeed December 17, 2007
A word referring to the word gun. Alson, a term used when u no u will be im trouble.
Example 1: Gangster # 1: "We gonna bust this foo"
Gangster # 2: "Did you bring da toast"

Example 2: Principle on loudspeaker: Will Billy Sherman please report to the principles office?

Billy: Shit, I'm toast
by Scrappy738 September 20, 2007
Toast is a game that is played with guys. They all stand around a piece of toasted bread or perhaps an english muffin, and they splooge on it. The last person to ejaculate on the piece of toast must eat the whole thing. This is Toast.
" Kevin, Rob, and Gay Reilly were playing toast one day. Reilly finished last so he had to eat the toast and then they gave him a mushroom stamp on the forehead."
by Nice Tits October 25, 2006
A game played by a bunch of guys that stand around a piece of toast, they all masterbate onto the toast and the last one to ejaculate has to eat the toast.
Hey man. Lets go play some toast. I always win.
by Collin Boyles January 12, 2006
toasting used to be the name for the kind of rapping they did over dub reggae records (before rap was invented)
also called chatting
i guess it comes from toast as in 'raise a toast to someone'
i-roy, mikey dread etc
by rand hobart May 30, 2004
A semi-popular party game played by French-Canadian teenagers in order to cause humiliation and embarrassment. A group of boys sit in a circle and masturbate with a piece of toast by their penis, which they ejaculate onto. The object of the game is to not be the last one to blow your load, because then you are the one forced to eat the piece of toast (with your semen on it).
Jean-Marc: What did you guys do last night?
Jean-Guy: The guys and I played "toast," it was a shameful night for Jean-Luc.

Jean-Marc: Tabernak
by 59thstreet July 21, 2011
Toast cannot be explained by any rational means.
by pigoons July 06, 2010

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