Burned out,been up too long,ozoned,fried,out of it,worn to a frazzle,extreemely tired.
Man, I've gotta get to bed, I'm toast.
by wright May 21, 2005
A warm and crispy wheat substance, that is derived from bread and a toaster, often served with butter or jelly.
"Peter Frampton, do you like toast too? As do I, warm and crispy" ~Mitch Hedberg
by TheSewageAuthority June 13, 2006
To spread butter on a piece of bread.

Before the first toaster was invented Irma Toastoffski of Salem Mass. accidentally dropped some shaken cream (or butter) onto a loaf of freshly baked bread. After much debate as to whether the concoction was poisonous or not, she tried a slice of the bread and discovered that not only was it not poison, but was in fact, delicious!
Irma distributed the wonderful new pastry to her neighbors, but the superstitious Puritans accused her of witchcraft. Irma was slathered in butter and burned alive with her bread while the villagers chanted "Toast witch, toast!!"
Still, buttered bread became a huge underground success in the colonies and soon spread across the world. The rest is history.
"Toast witch, toast!"

Father Jammison bit into his secret slice of buttered bread with sinful gusto and proclaimed, "God save my wretched soul, but this is the best damn toast I've ever eaten!"
by DeepDarkHana February 22, 2011
a horrible hipster alternative rock band that only wants to sell, and could care less about music. Their drummer is good, but the rest is horrible. The singer has the attitude of Chad Kroeger, and the other members are hipsters that have nothing to do and suck at their instruments (except the drummer)
Vocals: weak
Drums:O.k but can be better
Dude 1:Hey, have you heard of the new band Toast?
Dude 2: Yeah they're sound too damn generic and simple.
Dude 1: I thought that too
all dudes: LONG LIVE PUNK & METAL!
by the TrUtH January 27, 2013
one of the most frivalous foods, found among the jolly lands of the commoner.
bread after it comes out of the toaster becomes toast.
Alex: "hey man, you wanna go get some toast?"
Gregg: "yeah, dude toast is the shit."
by deejaylovesmaddie December 29, 2009
Toast is an acronym. It is meant to be applied to a morbidly obese woman. It stands for Tits On or Above STomach. Referring directly to woman who's breasts reach extends to their FUPA.
That Jenny Craig looking, T.O.A.S.T having woman betta step off.
by Michael December 31, 2003
Tits On A STick. Referring to a thin woman with large breasts (real or fake).
Yo, TOAST looking at you.


Is she hot? Yeah man, TOAST.

by PlasticRR December 09, 2008
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