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the act of oral sex performed on a woman while she defecates; a gender-reversal of the blumpkin
I heard Ru-Bear gave her the old English muffin last week. It didn't turn out too well for him.
#english #muffin #muff #blumpkin #oral sex #cunnilingus
by Silent Avenger February 06, 2010
An English girl's pussy
Keira Knightley has a nice English Muffin.
by Your Mom's Box October 06, 2003
English men of slight build. Often wearers of cardigans and smokers of pipe tobacco. A refined gentlemen.
"that bloke you're seein' has more knitted sweaters than bill cosby"..."yeah, he is a real english muffin".
#bloke #lad #english men #refined gentlemen #pizazz
by ednamillion October 02, 2011
1. A term for someone from England, taken from the breakfast food that is The English Muffin;

2. Can sometimes be used in a negative way, as in saying a person is soft.
"Are you an English Muffin?"

"Bloody twat's a Muffin."
#twat #muffin #english muffin #engrish #engrish muffin
by Kitty KT February 08, 2006
A silly British kid who does not understand the American ways.
Tom Gates is an English Muffin
#english #muffin #tom #gates #british
by AHaigh93 September 08, 2010
A competitive party sport in which a group of young males sit around an English muffin, trying to ejaculate semen onto the muffin before anyone else does. The last to erupt is the loser, and has to eat the glazed muffin.
T-Head: Yo Bry, I heard you lost the English muffin game last still have some cum on your lip.
Bry: Yeah, but the great thing about English muffin is that the loser always wins!
#gumble to gumble #english muffin #party #fun #semen
by T-Head May 21, 2008
someone who is a british bastard or just of british accent.

someone who looks like an english muffin
your a gayass englishmuffin.
#english #muffin #british #gays #europe
by Byakuya Kuchiki April 16, 2010
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