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A small, hick town in Texas. Some love it, some hate it. It's all how one looks at it. Everyone knows everyone. Don't try to keep secrets in Buna, Texas, cause people WILL fnd out about it.
"Hey, I went to Buna, Texas today"

"Really? I can tell."


"You're wearing a 10 gallon hat and talking like John Wayne."
#buna #texas #southeast #hick #redneck #everybody #knows #your #name #beaumont #golden #triangle
by buna chick March 09, 2009
a less profane word for the word "pussy"
steve: damn i was in hollister and i went to go try on these rad green pants and this chick who was wearing a skirt w/ no underwear bent over in front of me and i totally saw her BUNA! was awesome
by LAURA AND RHONDA AND KATY September 04, 2004
"Jail-house food". Ramen noodles with no broth mixed with mayonnaise and tuna. Buna originated from commissary products while incarcerated. Easiest homemade tasting casserole, made from the cheapest food products. Eaten in mid-Atlantic states of USA. (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, New York, Virginia, West Virginia)
Buna, dinner under $5.
#buna #tuna #ramen #noodles #jail #food
by DEdragon3 October 10, 2014
(noun:) A dance done by two patriots in a German beer garden on July 4th.
""Oh, you love America? Great. I love America too. Lets chug our PBR's and go bunas together in this German beer garden."
#twerk #dougie #jerk #superman #john wall
by Tanzem July 04, 2013
The feeling of sitting down on a warm toilet seat in a public restroom.
Jesus, it was so buna when I sat down on that public toilet seat.
#feeling #toilet #restroom #yuck #nasty
by FrankT June 12, 2008
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