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This is one heck of a rock band here! Brad Arnold is one of the best music writers ever in my oppinion. Their music is abolutely great!
If I go crazy will you still call me Superman?

When Im gone
by rwm December 15, 2004
very kickass rock band. Started in 1996 with their album "the Better Life". Recently released their new album "Seventeen Days".
great songs such as "Krpytonite", "Here Without You", and "Let me Go".
by Nahotnoj February 09, 2005
term meaning that you are going to (hopefully!) get laid by a hot ho or bitch tonite.

originates from men sneeking out of their house to go to a hotel room to "meet" a hooker to have sex.
guy 1 "Im goin three doors down tonite woth that hot babe!"

guy 2 "Damn! I hope she plays it gentle with your package!"
by benbot87 January 31, 2007
A band that Totally SUCKS ASS!
My friend Bought the Three doors down cd and the Sucked so much, We Burned the cd.
by jfkdfjkdsds December 06, 2003
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