A chick who has a really tight pussy. AKA the type of girl you don't want to hang out with when you want some high-quality tang
Dude, let's go get some poooosy from these chicks.
Yea right, those girls are tights.
Fuck tights! Let's go hire a hooker!
by BoB BiTcHeS May 10, 2006
1. rhythmic: on point
2. female, not old
1. drums and guitars are so together: that riff is tight!

2. I asked if he'd like to do my little sister. but he think she's too tight.
by Lisa June 15, 2003
A term idiots like to use as a synonym of "cool" or, "badass".
Thats one tight shirt, you asshole.
by The Asshatinator March 12, 2003
visually and sensually appealing.
Look at Johnny's new car, it's tight
by Edouble August 22, 2005
Your mother's pussy
I fucked your mother's tight pussy
by Assholes Inc. September 08, 2003
Tight' can be used as an insult or as a feeling.
As a feeling it would mean "You annoy me or I'm irritated by you"
Tyler:You mad bro?
Domonique: You get me tight' (Annoyed)

Adrienne: 'steps in shit'
Mia: Ha ha! You tight!
by roll_planes June 06, 2015
Haircut term used by barbers and their customers to indicate hair cut or shaved close to the skin. From "high and tight."
Customer to barber: "Give me a fade with the sides and back really tight."
by DayOfDefiance March 07, 2015
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