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1.When used as a first name, it is the name one of the coolest guys on the planet. He's smart and athletic.

2.When used as the last name, it is the last name of some of the best performers out there or the famous explorer.
1.Whoa there's Hudson let's go talk to him.

2.After a successful run on an American Idol, Jennifer Hudson became a talented actress co-staring in Dreamgirls.
by darkstrike4 October 22, 2009
The definition of a pure athlete he's cool, nice, sweet, and big hearted very generous and always there for people. Often a best friend to many people.
Whoa he's so cool that must be Hudson.
by Jaysean12 September 15, 2011
Woman who has repeatedly or solely dated douche bag men. First used on the 01/06/10 broadcast of the Lex and Terry Morning Radio Show. Named for the actress Kate Hudson who has previously dated a long string of douche bags.
by 2toad January 07, 2010
Someone to blame. A word commonly used to push the blame onto someone else
Who did that? HUDSON!
Why doesn't my lighter work? DAMN YOU HUDSON!
by lukeeboyo May 16, 2010
A river.
The Hudson River is just another type of runway.
by eh9 February 16, 2009
Hudson-(n)- A Nerdy Little man with great abs and excellent talent.

Based off old English rysele meaning abs.
Hudson is my name!
by Nodshu April 05, 2015
1. (Adjective) To have age; To be as old as the hills. A relic of such degree to have come from the stone age and managed to still be alive!
2. (Noun) A person who is friends with FatherTime and played with Jesus through high-school. Also a person of which; their first boat was titled "Noah's Arch." later to fulfill his 'sailor' career in the USN.

3. (Verb) To wine and complain uncontrollably to an extent of making other people miserable.
1. "dude, the original bible! ...It looks Hudson old!"
2. The man struggles to stand after falling down, because he was too damn old... Must be a Hudson!
3. Once the man started to Hudson, everyone ignored and walked out of the room. Their days were officially Hudsoned...
by Andre Son December 15, 2010
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