noun. a blogger who continually posts on his website despite having no readers
I can't believe you still have that website, you're such a thunt.
by m. smith March 19, 2006
Top Definition
Combination of thigh and cunt as coined by Danial Tosh. It refers to a second false vagina created by the overlapping thigh fat on an obese woman.
Her skirt is riding up, but she's so fat you can't see past her thunt.
by offthewagon February 01, 2011
When a very obese womans inner thighs are touching together to resemble a vagina. A combination of thighs and cunt.
Man, she needs to cover her lap, cause I can see her thunt.
by ssvme February 02, 2011
Thunt is the abbreviation for thunder cunt.
Wow he is a huge thunt.
by SIMPLY MARC August 28, 2014
Look at that thunt talking to my man
by Linstar April 11, 2016
What is seen when looking at a fat woman's thighs when pressed together and they make the appearance of a vagina. A combination of the words thigh and cunt.
Man I can see up that fat lady's skirt and I can see her thunt.
by Badtriangle February 06, 2011
Similar to a gunt, a lady so fat that her thighs appear to be a cunt when touching.
The fat woman on the bus wearing the jean skirt couldn't help but show me her thunt.
by WinstonandFriends February 02, 2011
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