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A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties
Marquan: Yo thats my main girl
Deshaun: She yo main girl but she my main thot
by Trillllll July 26, 2012
7354 2728
aw, shit just a THOT
by zanyone11 December 05, 2012
6050 4356
(Noun) An individual with a number of concurrent sex partners that is well above the established cultural norm. These individuals have coitus for the purpose of sexual pleasure, approval, or to fullfill an emotional void. These individuals may or may not have sexually transmitted infections however this term is still applies to whores with safe sex practices. These acts are not for the exchange for illicit narcotics or monetary/ economic gain as obseved in prostitutes, crackheads, junkies, or gold diggers. (It is important to note that ones sexual indescretions must be well known within the community in order for ones "thot" status to be identifiable). The term itself is of urban origins translates to the acronym "That Hoe Over There." Unfortunately due to the gender inequality this term has been largely attributed to females however males can also exhibit "thot-like" behavior and should be identified as such.
Guy1: Yo that chick is bad. I should go talk to her

Guy 2: No No, stay away from her she is a thot.
by The Prince of Diamonds December 02, 2013
1861 728
Some stupid shit that people are saying now a days but abreviated from " That hoe over there "
Mike : Yo look at that chick by the stop sign shes fine as hell

Joe : Naw bruh leave her alone thats a thot
by JuststatingtheObvious July 03, 2013
3822 2869
an acronym for That Hoe Over There that is constantly used in the wrong context
Man: I don't fuck wit her. She a thot

Man#2: She's a "that hoe over there"?

Man: What

Man#2: That's what you just told me.
by nerdswagger62 December 13, 2013
1205 538
That hoe over there.
"She a thot bro, don't mess with her!"
by PrettyyyyGirl November 10, 2013
606 540
Stands for "That Hoe Over There" and is usually used incorrectly as "She a thot" plus many other incorrect ways
"Thot a bitch"

"Thot fucked 3 of my niggas"

"Thot got some rhinocopotamous pussy... UGHH"
by WorstBhavior December 08, 2013
225 174