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What guys call girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves. An acronym for That Ho Over There.
Man, if you bang her you better wrap it good, that thot has given herpes to half the school.
by hnoss March 07, 2017
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She's like the neighborhood bicycle, everyone gets a ride.
Gah, she's such a thot.
by BetterThanYou8 January 16, 2017
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Abbreviation for "That Ho Over There". She usually is a sophomore or junior in high-school, which, while it's young, it's not surprising, as most thots are fast-ass little girls, who are trying to act like being a teenager automatically makes you "grown". In all her selfies, her boobs and booty are exposed, and is always showing off that stomach. She also tends to put "religious" quotes on her Instagram, to made her hoeness more justified.
Osella: Hi, Mia, how are you?
Miranda: I'm good, Ossie. You don't look so good, though.
Osella: I was thinking about Hannah. She's such a whore! She insulted me on my "thotalicious" outfit, but she's always wearing booty shots, so she can show off that FLAT ass!
Miranda: *Scoffs and sighs* I know, right? What a thirsty slut.
Osella: Right? Close your legs. Anyway, on a completely different note, I saw your new story.

Miranda: Oh, you mean the one with me in a towel, while twerking next to Isiah?
Osella: Yeah. He's your third one, this month, right? You sly dog, Mia!
Miranda: We did it raw, too! I'm on the pill, though, so it's okay.
Osella: <3 Such a tease, lol!
Miranda: Lol!
via giphy
by Amanda Izomel Rodriguez August 08, 2016
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Most of the bitches at your local high school.
Person 1: Dude check out those girls at that table.
Person 2: Yeah, but they're Thots bro.
by Cooldude3245 May 20, 2016
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A girl who is unloyal and not to be trusted.
A: Did you see Lily with that guy Nick at the party awhile ago?
B: Yea, She's a total thot.
by MisterGrapeSoda January 31, 2017
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A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties
Marquan: Yo thats my main girl
Deshaun: She yo main girl but she my main thot
by Trillllll July 26, 2012
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Definiton 1: a girl who messes with lots of guys
Definition 2: a hoe
Sentence 1: Look at Beatrice I hope she is upset that Joe didn't take her to prom because of her love incidents with Malik, Sean, and Jesse I guess being a thot can be hard
by Susy Lorrence July 15, 2016
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