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A derisory term used in the same way as rubbish or crap or bollocks
This coat of paint is utter tosh
by Jeremy Tripati-Eagle March 19, 2005
How West Africans say "touch"
Aunty bola: don't tosh my yam porridge
by wetin dey November 05, 2012
the underside of someones nutsack
yo my tosh itches mad crazy right now
by swagmasta82095 June 15, 2012
”You ever seen that show Tosh.0?“
”Yeah, I'm pretty sure that guy is Jesus”
by oAngryPOPTARTo July 23, 2011
An effeminate male with a scat fetish. Daniel ToshTosh.0gaychilli dog
That guy wearing bloomers and getting pooped on over there sure is a Tosh.
by Nathan Hate February 07, 2010
a male who has rebellious tendencies, a spoil male, a child who is well loved, a fire child.
He just so Tosh, he does what he wants and gets away with it.
by Odette March 04, 2008
To paint (a room or a house, not a picture)
I've got a free weekend so I thought I'd tosh out the spare room
by Strixy February 24, 2009
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