six + seven.
shark + swoosh.
case + trish.
lover + lover.
thirteen = love.
we are thirteen.
we. are. love.
no, more than love.
but until we come up with a better word,
love, it is.
by swoosh. January 27, 2008
A supposedly unlucky number.
I can't touch you! You were born on the thirteenth day of September.
by Herman D. Optional July 31, 2004
It means mexican/brown pride cuz "m" is the 13th # in the alphabet. u get wut i'm sayin.
It's my lucky # since i am mexican.
by DEATH2POP January 30, 2005
A horrid movie. Full of false rebellion. With a thirteen-year-old who decides to be a whore.
A: I saw that movie Thirteen last night.
B: I am so sorry for you.
A: I know it sucked, I think I want to kill myself now.
by Muhahahanafawnabanana November 04, 2005
A really bad movie, do NOT listen to what the other person said. It's supposedly about what its like to be a thirteen year old girl, but i can safely say that if you know or have a thirteen year old who do any of the shit depicted in this horrible movie, beat them with a car antenna.
under any circumstances,
do NOT see this movie,
do NOT rent it,
and for Christ's sake,
do NOT buy it!
the movie "Thirteen" is just chock full of the "drama" that teenage girls like to pretend they go through.

The girl in this movie goes to nice, to a shoplifter, to a whore in 10 minutes!
by Jim October 01, 2005

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