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The suburban dictionary
Golly gee Mr. Wilson, I need to go look that up on dictionary.com. For Sure!
by Jizaay August 11, 2003
Old black mans version of shit. Usually accompanied with a cigarette and a glass of gin.
That nicca told me he wasnt gonna my money till next week....shieet, he betta hope he lives till next week.
by Jizaay August 11, 2003
The best thing to come out of Kansas and Missouri
Man, I just took the longest trip through KS and MO on I-70.
by Jizaay August 12, 2003
Original rims that came with your hoopty.
Man, I saw Calvin today, he's still pimpin his thirteens......
by Jizaay August 11, 2003
Some REAL thug niggas, not those wanna be dudes who carry guns they can't shoot.
Man, Rahiem and his boys be some sopranos on the real....you don't fuck with them niggas. They only fight with their hands.
by Jizaay August 12, 2003
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