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A depressingly wonderful movie about a young teenager girl struggling with the urge to fit in.

"Jim", I don't know what land of suburbia you're from, but I grew up in a big city and I've seen girls from the "wrong parts" of town go through shockingly similar things. Heck, I've seen girls go through stuff WORSE than this(such as getting pregnant at 12, doing heroin, etc). So don't give us your sheltered view on the average life of a 13 year old girl.
Ignorant Suburbanite: That movie Thirteen is SO unrealistic. What kind of thirteen year old would do stuf like that?

Other Person: Where have you been all your life? I'm from Chicago and I've seen girls go through stuff JUST like that. Thirteen is an excellently scripted movie which captures it all.
by TheVogueMafia May 11, 2008
Noun. A frustrating yet amusing moment when a person of a younger and hipper generation tries to explain to an adult what "emo" is. Usually occurs when two teenagers are having a conversation and a nosy parent is listening in.
Teenager A: HAHAHA you're so emo.
Teenager B: What the hell? No I'm not!
Nosy Parent: What in the world is emo?
Teenager B: Uhoh, looks like we owe her an emoplation.
Teenager A: *starts explaining to the adult what Emo means*
by TheVogueMafia December 17, 2007
A female who swoons over the junkie-type rockstars. Known to find attraction in boys who smoke, do drugs, are overly skinny, have stoner eyes, messy hair, are in bands, etc.
Junkette: Check out that hot guy over there.
Other Person: WHAT? He's hot?! He's a heroin addict that weights like 50 pounds.
Junkette: Exactly.

Person A: So how was concert last night?
Person B: It was good, but Amanda kept swooning over the band members despite the fact that they looked like they were going to die of an overdose any second.
Person A: Well, it's expected. Afterall, she's a total junkette.
by TheVogueMafia December 17, 2007
New York has The Hamptons. Los Angeles has Beverly Hills. We here in Chicago have the North Shore.

The North Shore is a group of suburbs north of Chicago that the majority of line up against Lake Michigan, thus the name "North Shore".

I'm from Chicago, and I will truthfully say that no, not all of the "North Shore" is snobby rich kids. (Like Evanston for instance, is a pretty decent and diverse suburb). However, don't give us the "you're just jealous because you wish you were as rich as us" attitude. Because honestly, it is way cheaper to live in the suburbs than it is to live in the city. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everyone in Chicago can move to the north shore and buy a mansion. What I'm saying is that if all the rich families in the north shore were to move into the rich neighborhoods of Chicago, they wouldn't even nearly be able to aford the same quality houses they once had.

We don't need you to tell us you're rich. We've seen rich. Chicago has families with more wealth beyond your beliefs, so that's not an issue with us. It's the stuck up attitude that pisses off a lot of Chicago residents. Believe me, We have areas like Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, and The Loop. All of which have families with 10 times more cash than your families, so your wealth is nothing of suprise to us.

In Chicago we don't care if you've got a great car, a huge house, or a nice school. Our lives are still more exciting than yours.
A popular band from the North Shore is Fall Out Boy (Even though most out-of-staters have the crazy idea they're from Chicago.)

A popular movie that depicts some of the snootiness in comparison to the normality of the North Shore is Mean Girls
by TheVogueMafia May 11, 2008

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