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A copy of the RuneScape clan The Eleventh Hour. This clan consisting of gay people usually discuss their penis length and cry when they hear none have longer than 7cm. The main leader Haz is an insecure gay person, who hits on little boys he finds on the street and rapes in his house, whenever his parents find out, they happily join in. The co leaders RagingWealth and BH Skylord, are drug addicts who have run out of money and now get high on each other's shit, using a straw to sniff it right up their noses. Anyone that likes to get high on poop, get raped by Haz, or just wants to get screwed over by all 3, thetwelfthhour is your clan. Gotta love them.
Dude, I am low on money and I want to get high man... | No problem, just join thetwelfthhour, guaranteed to get high on high quality shit!
#theeleventhhour #runescape #shit #haz #ragingwealth #bh skylord #tth
by Mister Capta August 31, 2008
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