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Simply put, the study of God.
I'm late for my Theology class.
by Tmankillah May 26, 2008
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The supporting rationale, doctrine, beliefs, tenets and written word that backs up and confirms what the voices in your head are telling you.
Leon didn't have any formal training in theology and figured he didn't need any, as God spoke to him and him alone and God was telling him that the big chested blonde girl in the second pew needed some laying on of the hands.
by harry flashman July 18, 2003
the study of god(s) and other religious topics.
vincent van gogh was going to be a minister, but refused to learn latin and theology.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e February 23, 2006
Theology is the effort to explain the unknowable in terms of the not worth knowing.
Renounce theology daily.
by H.L. Mencken April 22, 2005
Systematic Study of Religious tenets.
Literaly "God +word " Gk: Theos/Logos.
" If lies are the tribute dishonesty pays to truth then theology is the tribute nonsense pays to sense.
by J E Walker May 04, 2003
Study of religion applied to the truth of the world; opposes secular philosophy.

... Go philosopher! Theology won't find you any sort of truth.
Momma: Son, I've brought you a new pamphlet of the church... God blesses you, child.

Son: RAAAR!!!!! I are the sick of this theologist scam. Momma, I'm atheist! Go humanist, momma!
by Yue CG May 13, 2005
The study of God as well as arguments for his existence. Has its roots in Ancient Greece where its philosophers and great minds came up with many arguments for God's existence that still exist today due to their solid foundation in logic (something atheism lacks). See metaphysics by Aristotle as an example. Arguments such as the "prime mover" were later expanded on by Christian theologians such as Thomas Aquinas.
Theology is the rational study of concepts relating to God.
by Skialian January 07, 2014

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