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receiving a hand job with peppermint massage oil which is finished by a blow job. you say "candy cane" at the moment of ejaculation as she enjoys the mint flavored load.
she was giving me a handy this morning with this peppermint massage oil. right when I was about to come she started sucking it. afterward she smiled, wiping it off her lips and said "it's minty." that's when it struck me and I coined the term "the candy cane." look for it on urban dictionary later.
by Harold Balzonya March 30, 2015
having sex with a girl whilst she is on her period, then pulling out and then getting head so the blood and cum swirl together to make a "candy cane"
(n)-a candy cane-the dick afterwards
(v)-to candy cane-performing the candy cane
that wench was crazy enough to let me make the candy cane
by couldbeacrackhead April 17, 2009
Having sex with a woman on her period and ejaculating inside of her. When you remove your penis from her, you have the red and white appearance of a candy cane.
Johnny came in Susie's vagina while she was on her period. Susie commented on the candy cane appearance of his penis after he removed it from her.
by The Pollinator May 12, 2008

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