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A sexpot is an attractive young woman who is available for a sexual relationship. A sexpot is usually horny, promiscuous, and men probably think they will have a chance with her.
My new roommate Amber is a total sexpot.
by ShoopKiller August 25, 2004
someone who is a sexy motherfucker.
Damn, he's one helluva sex pot!
by Furrowed Brow April 01, 2004
Sexpot refers to something almost unbearably sexy. Ususally a person. Never an animal.

or a pot of sex.
A cute boy walks down the street and Meg says "OMG JANI DID YOU SEE THAT SEXPOT RIGHT NOW??? He totally looked at me..."

"Did you see kyles new scarf?"
"yea its cool."
"hes such a sexpot."
by I. Eat. Babies January 15, 2006
A sexy hot person. NOT someone who nessessarily like sex all the time (although she might) , but one who just is frekin hot
me: dat girl is a sex pot fo sho
brother: dam straight!
by bobie November 20, 2004
sex pot means a very HOT person.
Ashley is one fine sex pot.
by Kyle Roe October 17, 2005
The ultimate level of sexy-ness. Something so utterly orgasmic and attractive that nothing else could compare. Nothing on this planet and or universe could be more stimulating.
Yo man that band, Midnight Snack is the sexpot!

Jack Johnson is the biggest sexpot around!

You're the sexpot~!

Joe's mom is the sexpot, not yours!
by chickachikawaaaawaaaa July 06, 2010
1) A HIGHLY attractive woman who is sexually avalible but not necessarily promiscuous. Their defining characteristics are long, dark flowing and wavy hair and a small frame.

2) A woman can be cast as "the sex pot" in a movie or television program, hinting that she is sexually avalible.
1) Damn! She's one hot sex pot!

2) Sarah Jessica Parker was cast as the sex pot in the tv show "Sex and the City"
by Casey Nwvc July 02, 2007
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