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You pull out and stand over your partner while they yell, "Come on! I'm here! Do it!", until you supersoak her.

Bonus points if you are Carl Weathers.
Last night we were sooo drunk we went at it for a while and before you know it, we were into The Predator for the big finish.
by Mr. Fontana October 29, 2008
A sexual act where the male participant, while perfoming cunilingus, puts his first two fingers from his hands up to the respective sides of his mouth(google predator if you don't know what I'm talking about)-- whilst making a clicking, predator-like noise.

Verb: pred'ed
Jack totally used The Predator on Jill the other night!

No biggie, I've pred'ed her three or four times already.
by Pred'ed Her March 22, 2011
while partner is in bathroom preparing for sex, you shit all over bed and roll in it until you are completely covered (what Arnold does to camouflage himself from the predator). As your partner comes you yell "I'm here do, do it i am here"
Dude, Last night I totally gave wendy the predator.
by **** General June 15, 2009
the act of when your boning a girl in the butt, then when your about to cum you get your hands and you put one index finger into each nostril and both your middle fingers into her mouth and once you cum you vigourously pull back as hard as you can.
Yo dudde i gave my girl friend the predator last night!!
by The predator master February 25, 2011
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