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to ejaculate on someone. making someone drip in cum as if soaked with a super soaker.
guy: imma supersoak this ho
*guy skeets on a girl*
girl: damn you supersoaked me
by aludin August 10, 2007
To COMPLETELY cover a woman in semen after ejaculating to simulate the effect of being SUPERsoaked by a popular water gun brand.
Brendan: Yo dude, I saved up for a week and I supersoaked her

Joe: Damn.
by Poopy Dewyane November 16, 2007
When you pull it out and cum all over a chicks ass. Like a facial ya know?
IE: Super soak dat Hoe. (like in the Soul Ja Boy song)
by HarryFuknDong September 27, 2007
When you have a large amount of ejaculation built up and you spray your load all over a female.
I'm going to double pump and super soak that hoe!
by The Thug Butter Shooters October 13, 2007
to ejaculate on a woman during a sexual encounter
Man, when i was banging that girl last night, I stepped back and super soaked that ho!
by jake. October 06, 2007
to explode semen all over a girl to give the effect of being drenched by "water" by a popular water gun
Matt: My girl was bitchin' about not getting enough cum over her, so I saved up for a couple of weeks and supersoaked that hoe.

Ray: Wow, she deserved it.
by Lord Byron Von Timbs January 24, 2008
to super-soak generally refers to the action of massively ejaculating on your hoe of choice. it's referenced in the musical works of soldier boy. in his single, crank dat soulja boy. too bad the song sucks and they all sound that same.
"super-soak dat hoe!"
by jenna delaney February 01, 2008
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