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To discharge your weapons recklessly in the general direction of potential enemies because your teammates are doing so, often accompanied by excessive cursing and taunting.
After Jesse got shot by the monster, Bill picked up the Gatling gun and started shooting; when Arnold, Carl and the rest of the crew arrived, all hell broke loose and they ended up pulling a huge predator on the jungle
by momosexxxual April 12, 2009
To see someone or something without him/her seeing you.
I'm afraid to go too deep into the ocean--who knows what creatures are pulling a giant squid on me. It's been said that we haven't seen them, but they've definitely seen us.
by momosexxxual April 12, 2009
To bust someone's trace.

To cock-block.

Can be modified with itself to bust someone's trace-buster. See example.
I kept trying to dance with her, but her friends kept trace-busting me.

Jiri Nishi used a trace-buster-buster-buster to bust Gump's trace-buster-buster.
by momosexxxual October 13, 2009
The foreskin of the male penis.
Hey Jeff, don't forget to wash under your cock-sleeve!
by momosexxxual July 28, 2010
When the female cleans the tip of the penis after ejaculation with her mouth and tongue, often portrayed in pornographic videos.
Hey baby I'm glad you're here, you're just in time to clean house.
by momosexxxual July 28, 2010
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