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Slang for a Pennsylvanian group of Islamic beings. The leader of which is bald and has an epic white beard and is actually a convert from Catholicism. Total of 5 "muzzes" belong to this clan. Main mode of transport is a red van. Back-up mode of transport is a camel convoy. The leader of this group originated from New York state and found his true calling on a volunteer mission to the South Pacific. Though the leader of this clan is an extreme "dush" bag, the main female is a Norm-Muzz (see Norm-Muzz). Main Muzz built a Muzzosque. Main Muzz towers above the other Muzz community at 6'4", though his voice would indicate that he is of a much shorter and slender figure. Most people have a similar opinion regarding the Main Muzz... that of which he sucks.
Again, we cannot coordinate a family reunion this year due to The Muzz's Ramadaning.

The Muzz sucks. I am so glad I am not part of The Muzz.
by Muzzlissa May 02, 2011

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