The way an idiot spells college.
If someone's resume says they've gone to colledge I assume they're lying.
by AZX3RIC April 21, 2008
'Greek God' or 'David' by Michelangelo
Often used by singaporeans to describe those individuals who possess an almost spiritual, apparational and superior status. Derived from the famous name of a Singapore hero who is meant to have bedded many beauties due to his charm and good looks, it is now thought to be an urban legend due to the fact everyone claims to know the 'Colledge'. May have come from the university students and mispronunciation of the word 'College' to mean something sexual.
Greg: Where is Pete dude?
Rob: He ended up in bed with three lovely ladies last night
Greg: Damn! He did a Colledge! Wont be seeing him for days:(
by Ossie September 20, 2005

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